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Welcome to our website! Whether someone you love has been newly diagnosed or you’re facing the challenges of Tourettes yourself, we are glad you found us. Our leaders are committed to serving and supporting those whose lives are affected by Tourette Syndrome. 
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If you have questions, concerns, or just wish to speak with someone​​, please contact Michele at 765-714-9880.
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Dear Chapter Members and Friends of the TSA of Indiana,

It has been my privilege to serve for several years as the Board Chair of the TSA of Indiana, and an honor to work alongside many dedicated Board members helping Indianans affected by Tourette Syndrome.

The Board and I feel that it is important at this time to attract new volunteers who will help create and carry out programs and services that will not only enable our chapter to be effective in what it does, but also to reach out to all parts of our state. From among these volunteers, a new generation of leaders will emerge to serve on our Board.

Therefore, I cordially invite you to join with me and Dan Rostan, national TSA’s Vice President for Field Services, in a statewide conference call we will hold on Wednesday, April 30th at 8pm Eastern time, to initiate a Chapter Steering Committee made up of volunteers willing to set up activities in all parts of the state, and to coordinate on a small number of larger events to occur statewide each year.

There is no obligation associated with joining our Steering Committee. Legally, our Board continues to govern, but it is my hope that in about 6 months, it will become clear to the Steering Committee that we have identified some new leaders to guide TSA of Indiana as our Board of Directors. Please RSVP to this email and I will provide you with the conference call information. Or, if you wish to contact me by phone, please feel free to do that as well - 765.714.9880

With best wishes,

Michele Lehman

Chair, TSA of Indiana Board of Directors
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